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MHAP - Feedback Form

You can also complete our Feedback form on your Tablet or Smartphone

Your opinion matters to us.
'If you have used MHAP we would like to hear your feedback as it will help us to improve our service'.

For each question please select the number that best fits your opinion.

MHAP Service User Feedback Form

Q 1. How did you feel before MHAP got involved?
Very unwell Very well
Q 2. How accessible is advocacy?
Very difficult Very accessible
Q 3. How much did we help you to communicate?
Not at all Very much
Q 4. How much did we help you to uphold your rights?
Not at all Very much
Q 5. How much did you feel valued and respected by your advocate?
Not at all Very much
Q 6. How has having advocacy support made you feel?
Poor Very good
Q 7. How would you rate advocacy?
Very poor Very good
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